Many of you have joined the Tri City E-Club since July 1st.  By doing so, you gave yourself a chance to become a “Lifetime Member” of Tri City.  We will be drawing 10 names at random from those of you who signed up and played golf to give yourself extra chances in our drawing/competition.


We will be emailing the lucky names drawn to join us on September 7th @ 6pm to see if you can win the “Lifetime Membership” at Tri City.


Whether you win or not, the 10 people drawn are invited to Tri City that evening for some FREE BEER (must be 21 or older) and giveaways.


All you need to do that evening to win the “Lifetime Membership” is simply knock the ball in the hole in 1 shot…yes…get a hole in one.  It could happen and if it does…Free golf for life.  If you do not make it, well you got some free beer!


Hopefully you get that email notifying you that your name has been drawn, so keep Friday, September 7th open!  For those of you that have not yet signed up…what are you waiting for?  Sign up online and maybe you can get your name drawn next time we try to give away a “Lifetime Membership” to Tri City Golf Course.  ello